9-year-old baseball player in a league of his own – starts 10-day canned food drive to help the Bahamas Feeding Network


9-year-old baseball player in a league of his own – starts 10-day canned food drive to help the Bahamas Feeding Network

On the field he’s as fast and fearsome as the rest of his JazzWhite Under 11 team playing Little League baseball, but down deep inside, Kryie Campbell is in a league of his own. The 5th grader, with a soft spot for the needy and a heart as big as the ballfield he plays on, started a food drive urging the community to drop off canned food to the Balliou Hill Sporting Complex on game days between November 10- 19th.

“I don’t know what philanthropy means but I want everyone to share so nobody is hungry,” says Kyrie, a Certificate of Excellence awardee at Queen’s College (QC).

Kyrie said he chose the Bahamas Feeding Network (BFN) as his partner charity for the Jazz Chisholm Foundation dedicated to community and character building.

Kyrie took that charity partnership to a new level though he admits he did not know the exact name of the Bahamas Feeding Network (BFN). He called it “Mrs. Archer’s Feeding Place,” a tribute to the Executive Assistant and Office Manager who runs the non-profit along with loyal volunteers. BFN raises funds for food and distributes parcels through more than 100 churches and feeding centres.

Established in 2013, it has often made the difference between starvation and survival, filling empty cupboards during challenging times and providing sustenance when most needed.

Kyrie’s parents said their son has been talking about feeding the hungry for a year. This year, he solicited their help in drafting a proposal. In it, he explains his purpose.

“As we approach the season of gratitude and thanksgiving, I would like to organize a Harvest and Thanksgiving Drive….the goal of the event is to unite parents, players, coaches and fans in an effort to give back to the community and spread the joy of the season,” he wrote. 

Now Kyrie’s message has spread well beyond the Little League he first addressed with the idea.

“We were surprised to know that even at his young age, he wanted to help those he considered less fortunate,” said his dad, Carl Campbell, head of student affairs at QC. “It was something he talked about from last year while in grade 4 when he was eight years old. He wanted to show kindness to the poor and he felt he would do that by feeding them.” 

This is not the first time a child has stepped up to help the Bahamas Feeding Network. 

At the age of six, Naevia Burrows, now seven, has been taking lunch to school four days a week to save her lunch money and donate it to the feeding network every month. 

“I am grateful every day for the food on my table,” said Naevia, who attends St. Anne’s. “I say a prayer and blessing and I don’t want other families to be hungry.”

With unceasing demand, BFN continues to provide enough food for 60,000 meals a month.

“When we say every penny that is donated counts, it is no exaggeration,” says Office Manager Archer. “But there is something special about youngsters reaching out with an understanding that seems beyond their years, feeling the pain of others and wanting to make life better. That truly touches all our hearts.”

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