CIBC First Caribbean makes donation to support Bahamas Feeding Network


THE Bahamas Feeding Network (BFN) has remained at the forefront of the hunger fight while also battling a dramatic decrease in donations. Last month alone, BFN provided over 6,000 meals to families across the country.


CIBC First Caribbean makes donation to support Bahamas Feeding Network

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Despite battling a dramatic decrease in donations, The Bahamas Feeding Network (BFN) has provided over 6,000 meals to families across the country in the last month.

The not-for-profit food and resource collection and distribution hub focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of feeding programs, minimizing service duplication, and improving collaboration among feeding centers and programs across New Providence and the Family Islands. 

CIBC FirstCaribbean assisted BFN in its efforts with a financial donation before the holiday season. The bank’s Managing Director, Jacqui Bend, underscored that CIBC FirstCaribbean remains committed to supporting initiatives that make a tangible difference in the countries it serves.

“As part of CIBC FirstCaribbean’s ongoing commitment to community, we are immensely proud to support the Bahamas Feeding Network. Our donation represents not just a financial contribution, but a heartfelt commitment to physical wellbeing. The work of the Bahamas Feeding Network is both inspiring and essential, and we at CIBC FirstCaribbean are honored to be a part of this noble cause devoted to wiping out hunger.”

BFN is dedicated to raising approximately $25,000 each month to purchase groceries for its partner ministries. These ministries, in turn, either cook food for distribution or provide parcels directly to those in need. 

Bahamas Feeding Network’s Executive Director, Nicolette Fountain Archer said that during a period where donations have decreased and distribution frequency and quantity had to be cut back, CIBC FirstCaribbean’s donation was a beacon of hope. The donation ensured that hundreds of families did not face food scarcity in December, a time when BFN had to reduce grocery amounts in parcels from 14 to 8 meals. 

Fountain Archer said ‘thank you’ hardly seems enough to express the depth of gratitude felt by the BFN team and those they serve. She noted the donation from CIBC FirstCaribbean is more than just a contribution, it is a lifeline that brings joy and sustenance to families in need.

“When businesses and individuals like CIBC FirstCaribbean donate, we are able to answer the call for parcels of food needed by numerous families. It is the difference between a full tummy for a family, most often with children, and going to bed hungry.”

Bahamas Feeding Network highlighted that Quality Care Pharmacy is hosting a Fun Run and Walk this Saturday, February 3, 2024, with BFN as the chosen beneficiary. For more information, to make a donation, or to participate, individuals are encouraged to contact the Bahamas Feeding Network. 

Fountain-Archer added: “Our tagline says, ‘Hunger hurts, but together we can wipe it out’. We thank CIBC FirstCaribbean for joining us in this fight.”

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