BFN Thanks Chinese Embassy & Zonta Club


At a recent ceremony at its temporary Fox Hill Community Centre facility, executives of the Bahamas Feeding thanked Chinese Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China and the Zonta Club of Nassau for generous food donations which will, collectively, assist nearly 300 families.

"In the past couple years, The Bahamas has faced dual challenges of Hurricane Dorian and the Covid-19 pandemic so even at the best of circumstances this would be very challenging for any government in any society to cope with,” said Chinese Ambassador H. E. Dai Qingli. “I think like many governments around the world, the Bahamas government is trying its best to make the best of the situation by fighting the pandemic and giving help to people at the same time. So in this context, the Bahamas Feeding Network is playing an indispensable role in delivering help to those who need it most in this challenging time.”

No stranger to providing tangible support to the Network, Ambassador Dai reminded attendees of the Embassy’s previous efforts.

Chinese Ambassador at BFNChinese Ambassador at BFN
“Two years ago when Dorian hit, we extended some humble help to the Bahamas Feeding Network and today I am very glad to come back to show our solidarity and support to vulnerable groups within the Bahamian society,” Ambassador Dai said. “I do hope that our modest contribution can help a number of individuals and their families in putting food on the table. I think the Bahamas Feeding Network is not just helping to bring food to the table; I think they are also bringing the message of solidarity, support, love and care to all the Bahamian people.”

Monique Sands, President of Zonta Club of Nassau shared the impetus for their donation.

“The Zonta Club of Nassau decided to support the Bahamas Feeding Network because we know they’re doing an integral work in the community assisting families still in need while the economic recovery [as a result of COVID-19] is taking place,” she said. “So we wanted to partner with BFN in their initiative and provide food items that would help at least 20 families.”

“We are so encouraged by partnerships like these,” said Philip Smith, Executive Director of the Bahamas Feeding Network. “What I believe is, if you can put the right group of people and organizations together, there is nothing you cannot achieve. So let’s partner and let’s totally eradicate hunger in The Bahamas.” 

Using the opportunity to announce a major initiative of the Embassy and the Network in increasing food security across The Bahamas, the Chinese Ambassador committed to providing greenhouses and highlighted the popular idiom of not only giving a man a fish but teaching him how to fish.

“I think that if we can get agriculture going in this country and make food and vegetable production a fashionable thing, I think it would help many more people and it would help to even lower the cost of living,” Ambassador Dai said. “And that is why we are committed to establishing this agricultural partnership with the Bahamas Feeding Network on top of the partnership of fighting against hunger.”

Zonta Club of Nassau at BFNZonta Club of Nassau at BFN
Spouse of the Prime Minster, Patron of the Bahamas Feeding Network and most recently committee-member to the newly formed agricultural committee within BFN, Patricia Minnis expressed, “I would like to thank Ambassador Dai of the People’s Republic of China for her partnership and donation to the Bahamas Feeding Network who continues to do a wonderful job in feeding the vulnerable population in our country.”

She went on to explain that the greenhouse donation and the effort of the committee would be used to support those who are already producing in the industry and those who need support in further producing crops and food for consumption.

“We take this time to encourage other partnerships, embassies and people who are likeminded to partner with the Bahamas Feeding Network, so that we can support the vulnerable population and hopefully fight the pandemic and move forward, that people are able to get back to work and feeding themselves,” she said.

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